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A Significant Medical History

< Timeline | 1960-70s >

pre-NHS Before the NHS
1948 The Birth of the NHS
The establishment of the National Health Service in the UK.

The Western Regional Hospital Board
The WRHB comes into existence.

1948 Woodilee, Gartloch & Lennox Castle Hospitals
All become NHS hospitals under the joint Board of Management for Glasgow Mental Hospitals.
1951 Nursing - The Early Days
1955 Advances in Mental Health
Vale of Leven Hospital Opens
First new hospital in Britain since Second World War (between 1945 and 1955 repayment of war debt to the USA was equivalent to the cost of 200 new hospitals).
First 'Iron Lung' in Britain
Built by Aga cooker company and installed at Belvidere Hospital. The idea of Intensive Care Units was developed from this experience.
Chest X-ray campaign helps to eliminate TB in Glasgow
37 mobile X-ray vans come from all over Britain to help.
1957 Southern General Hospital Information Booklet
Published on June 21st (PDF/1.43MB).
Nurse Training Pioneered
New classroom based scheme of nurse training
pioneered at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
The First Use of Ultrasound
The first pictures of unborn babies were produced in Glasgow by Professor Ian Donald.

< Timeline | 1960-70s >

1940 - 1950s