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Thank you for all your comments about the NHS over the years. You can read some of them below.

Nurses Home at Stobhill - Aileen Nicol

I remember in 1974 being a first year student nurse living in the nurses' home at Stobhill Hospital. Having slept in one mornig, I just made it to the ward in time for the report. I didn't have time to make my bed and the cleaner reported me to the home warden, who contacted my ward sister who summond me to the duty room to explain my unmade bed! I was instructed to take my break go to my room make the bed and return to my ward.

Behind the Scenes - Seema Singh

Working for the NHS has been one of my most memorable experiences. Having joined the NHS as an IT Analyst, I get to see all the hard work and support that is provided by medical, nursing and all other staff to everyone regardless. On a daily basis I witness their selfless efforts, not only in providing medical help, but also emotional and personal support & encouragement. I am proud to be a member of this team which is providing an important service to our citizens.

Princess Diana's Visit to Yorkhill - Janet McGraw

I have worked in Yorkhill hospital for 30 years; first as an Enrolled Nurse then as a Staff nurse in Intensive care. I attended the special lunch for Princess Diana when she came. I remember the dining room all decorated, new carpet and new curtains, and plants were brought in from the botanic gardens. As the Princess was being introduced to staff, we weren't allowed to sit down, so we stood around the round tables. We weren't allowed metal cutlery, only plastic to eat our food.

But the most memorable thing for me was when I suddenly found she was standing right beside me and generally enquired if orange juice was all we were allowed to have to drink. I nearly passed out - I was so overwhelmed by the fact that Princess Diana was standing next to me! However she was introduced to a sister from Drumchapel Hospital who was to my left and then was steered to talk to someone else so didn't directly speak to me. I was really glad though as I don't think I would have been able to say anything to her! What I remember of her was she had just had William, and she had the most amazing complexion and her engagement ring was huge, but she was also very friendly.

When she left the hospital all the plants were taken back to the botanic gardens. It was indeed a special occassion and I wish I still had my special invitation with its silver border.

A new NHS and a new baby - Wilma Dickson, Alexandria

On the evening of 5th July 1948, my mother went into labour and my brother was born at home on the morning of the 6th July - healthy and happy.

Having saved a little each week to pay for the midwife (Nurse Waterhouse, a very respected and trusted nurse from the area), to attend her during her confinement, it was also a little bonus to be told my parents did not have to pay for the Midwifes services. They were able to keep the money which had been saved through great thrift over the nine months, because he arrived on the 2nd day of the National Health Service. My brother will celibrate his 60th birthday the day after the NHS's and my mother will celebrate her 80th on the 6th September. I will always remember the NHS's beginnings and I hope I will never see its end.

Fighting Fit!

May Burke McGill from Glasgow has more reason than most to remember her stay in Oakbank Hospital in 1965 due to one very special visitor.

“I was in hospital expecting my fourth baby; there were some complications so I had to spend the last 10 weeks in hospital. One of the nurses, who was from America, was lovely and she’d said to me a couple of times, ‘Oh, my neighbour from home is coming to visit and I’m going to get him to come and visit you’.

“I never thought much of it and just said oh that’d be nice. Then one night, she came in and said there is someone I’d like you to meet and, behind her, was Muhammad Ali! Well, I was just dumbfounded!

“He was just lovely, we chatted and had our picture taken which was in the Evening Times in August 1965." (view photo)

A volunteer and patient