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Here are some film links, or links to websites which provide some films relating to the NHS, or health in general, spanning the past 60 years.

Your Very Good Health

Cartoon launched at the birth of the NHS, Charley has the workings of the National Health Service explained to him. Visit website.

Post-Blitz Clydebank

Here is a clip from 'Post-Blitz Clydebank' - a documentary about Clydebank, Scotland from 1947 to 195. It features Isa McKenzie, William Kean, Violet McGuire and Charles Grozier.

For best viewing, first save the file to your computer by right-clicking on the link and choosing "Save Target As..."

Download Post-Blitz Clydebank video clip

You can order the full DVD by visiting the website:

Scottish Screen Archive

A great website with a collection of healthcare related films. Visit website.




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